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The Chef of Culture in a Social Media Buffet

Employee experience today is increasingly becoming public. From new joiners flashing their welcome hampers to live videos of employees being laid off, workplace culture is available for the world to see. While good times get shared, it's the dissatisfaction with internal practices that gets more attention. These stories often make headlines with little consideration for internal context, and they play a vital role in shaping public opinion. Therefore, understanding how the outside world perceives all internal practices and decisions will become ever more important for HR professionals.


In this era of heightened visibility, the role of HR in Public Relations has become paramount.

HR is almost like the chef in this culinary landscape, where every recipe, ingredient and cooking decision is on display for the world to see.


Recipe for success:

·       Showcasing the Process: Just as a chef showcases culinary skills, HR should spotlight the process of decision-making and policy implementation. Share the behind-the-scenes of organizational development to demystify corporate actions and embed transparency.

·       Balancing Flavors: HR must delicately balance the flavors of organizational goals, employee satisfaction and public perception. Like a skilled chef balancing sweet and savory, find the right mix for a harmonious workplace.

·       Interactive Dining Experience: Find ways to transform employee engagement into an interactive dining experience. Encourage feedback, suggestions, and involvement, turning the workplace into a shared table where everyone has a say.

·       Adapting to Tastes: Just as a chef adapts dishes to changing tastes, there is a need to be adaptable. Stay attuned to the evolving preferences of the workforce and adjust policies and practices accordingly. In the corporate kitchen, HR isn't just managing ingredients; they are crafting an experience that leaves a lasting impression. Like a renowned chef with a signature dish, HR's goal is to create a workplace culture that becomes the talk of the town, enjoyed by both insiders and external observers.

As we navigate the social media buffet, the takeaways from this analogy become a recipe for success in the digital age. HR is challenged to develop a strategic blend of practices that infuses traditional HR wisdom with the savvy strategies of marketing to create a corporate culture that not only satisfies internal appetites but can also be a feast for external onlookers.

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