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Cleaning the glasses and Improving candidate experience

All food delivery apps give us an estimated time of arrival and even help us track our order second by second. Why?

If we have paid for the service, we know it will be delivered, right? We all know that the delivery of food post order could easily take around an hour. But the sense of updates and option of tracking gives us a sense of comfort, confidence, and clarity in the process. By design, human beings hate ambiguity.

So, for any process engineer, the easiest way to retain consumer trust is to provide information, updates and clarity.

Talent acquisition in pre-covid era was different. The candidates would visit the office premises for interviews, getting a chance to see the office campus, office infrastructure and there was interaction with office employees. In the absence of these factors, candidates do not get to understand the culture of the company. Millennials and Gen Z’s tend to place way more importance on company culture than remuneration. For them, it is about how the company treats its employees. Due to lack of visibility, there can be uncertainty in the minds of the candidates. All we need to do is to allow the candidates to see more clearly.

But adding simple steps in the hiring process, the ambiguity can be eliminated, and glasses can be cleared. Thereby, increasing the sense of comfort of the candidate by a lot:

· Keep the candidates updated

As we can see from the food delivery app example, regular updates are an attractive mechanism to keep the customer (here - the candidate) engaged. The recruiter can keep the candidate updated on the entire process, the timelines, and next steps, especially if anything changes unexpectedly.

· Bridge the gap

In pre-covid times, during offline interviews, the candidates still got a chance to see the company premises and momentarily peek into the office culture. During the online recruitment process, sharing video snippets of company culture, company updates, employee stories can all help to bridge that gap.

· Adjust the role from a recruiter to an advisor for the candidates

The recruiter need not merely be a point of contact during the hiring process. Being an insider, they have a unique look into the company for which they are hiring. They can use that perspective to guide top talent throughout the hiring process. They can offer specific insight into what kind of candidate the hiring manager is looking for, what kind of questions will come up in interviews and more.

The more help a candidate receives, the more willing they are to stay in the game and work with the recruiter to determine if they are a good fit. They’ll be more likely to follow the entire process and seriously consider the company when they have a knowledgeable guide leading them along.

· Show that you are interested

Regularly checking with the candidates if they have any queries and, if they are simultaneously interviewing for other companies, indicates that recruiters are serious about their candidature and concerned about losing them.

· Give closure

In food delivery apps, during unforeseen circumstances, the operator calls and informs that they won't be able to deliver. To be fair and respectful towards the candidates, if they are not selected or position goes on hold- without fail, the same clarity should be provided to them at the earliest so that candidate can explore other options instead of being ghosted.

Changing jobs is not a small decision for any professional. Everyone wants to make an informed decision, especially if it is pertaining to their career. Therefore, willingness to give information and keep the candidates updated can go a long way in making the process candidate-friendly and influencing their choice of employer.

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